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Get your car back on the road safely with our wheel repair service

New Year offers several wheel repair services to get your car back on the road and looking good. Before you throw away that damaged wheel, bring it to us for a second opinion.

Our services include:

  • Bent Wheel Repair: Using machines in our workshop, we can straighten out your wheels and remove any large bends.
  • Cracked Rim Repair: With the proper welding techniques and materials, we will repair your cracked rims.
  • Welding: We offer services for general welding. Call today and tell us what you need welded.
  • Tail Light Tinting: For a hint of class and style, we can tint your tail lights for any truck or car.

Powder Coating

If your rim or wheel has a scratch, or if you simply want to repaint your wheels to match your vehicle, powder coating is for you. Powder coating creates a harder finish, and is tougher, than normal paint. Powder coating your wheels means they can withstand everything the road throws at it. We guarantee that you will be impressed with the quality of the work and our low rates.

Aside from used and new tires, we also sell:

  • Auto parts
  • Motorcycle Parts
  • Frames
  • And more!
For any of your tire or wheel related needs, New Year Wheel, Tire & Powder Coating is available to help